Monday 26 September 2011

Let the Force be with you

C-Trak have just finished fabricating a Stainless Steel Gravity Conveyor for a customer that needed to move crates within his factory for a detailed description please visit our website clients case studies page gravity conveyor.

Gravity roller conveyors are usually the cheapest way to move products as no power is required gravity is what is needed and that is freely available to everybody simply by making one end higher than the other to create a slight decline to let gravity do the work for you.

For help and advice for this type of application call us now on 01525 850316  for a site visit.

Thursday 22 September 2011

Portable and Flexible Conveyor Videos

If you would like to see some  footage of our portable conveyors or our flexible conveyor videos then go to our conveyor manufacturers site where you will find many videos and photos for you to look at.

Cant find what you are looking for then why not call or email us our customer services department is always there to help with any enquiries or technical information required.

We have found in resent years that customers like to see what they are getting which is why we try to update our conveyor video page regularly.

This is an expanding flexible conveyor

Conveyors to suit your budget

Are you looking for a conveyor systems that is reliable as well as being competitively priced, because you have been let down in the past with conveyors that keep breaking down needing constant maintenance and loosing you production time.

Why not let C-Trak take the pressure off and give you an affordable conveyor that wont let you down.

We have a team engineers who can provide you with an instant budget quote or for a more detailed costing visit your premises and do a assessment of your material handling and offer you a bespoke solution for your products read more..

Our Unique Selling Point is ~      

                                                 *****  WE CARE ****

We also provide a fantastic after sales service and all of our conveyors come with a full guarantee. Why not give us a chance to quote you have nothing to loose only years of experienced advice.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Conveyors Handling Pallets

Built with strength in mind Pallet Conveyors have to be hard wearing. Palletised handling is predominately in the industrial sector but also seen in the food industry on farms and factories.

Over time the pallet conveyors are put through what you could almost say is an endurance test which is why only the best quality components should be used when manufacturing.

Also it is important to allow for minimum maintenance as many of these industries are on 24/7 and cant afford the time for their conveyors to be switch off and out of action as this results in loss of production.

It does not matter what type of pallets you use whether the traditional wooden pallet or the more modern plastic type we can find the pallet solutions best suited for you.

Conveyor Belts

A new website has been launched to help the engineering material handling business sector to find out more information on conveyor belts their properties and what can be achieved. It is going to be an extensive help list giving the chance for conveyor belt suppliers to launch new products and let the world know who they are and what conveyor belt products are supplied.

It is important to see what new products are out there for conveyors and compare them to what is on the market at present.

If you are interested in launching new conveyor belt related products that have an unique quality then please contact C-Trak Ltd  on 01525 850316

We are looking for at least 500 word articles on your products and services we can also include one photo if supplied as a jpeg format.

don't delay in contacting us as this will be a limited offer and once the site is fully up and running there will be a charge for this service.