Thursday 30 June 2011

Hot off the press with High Temp Belts

C-Trak Conveyors have just commissioned a large heat resistant conveyor that handles liquid plastic poured over the belt to go through a spraying Boothe.

Over the years many handling applications need high temperature conveyors. We can supply a variety of belts resistant to temperatures up to 210 degrees with high release to sticky materials. Outstanding electrical and insulative properties with low thermal expansion and be food approved by USFDA.

For more information please call 01525 850316

High Temperature Conveyor Belt Application from C-Trak

Monday 20 June 2011

Custom Built Conveyors

All clients want to feel special and why not. Whilst C-Trak design and fabricate conveyors everyday when its a conveyor  for your company you want the company you deal with to go the extra mile and serve you.

Well C-Trak will do just that we have been in the Conveyor Manufacturing Business for over 30 years and feel confident that we can come up with a bespoke custom built conveyor for your individual needs and whats more to a budget you can afford.

if you would like one of our representatives to make a site visit and analyse you product handling please call us now on 01525 850316

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Keep it Clean

One of the questions we get asked the most often is can you build me a conveyor that is easy to clean.

The answer is yes one of the best belts for this is a modular plastic belt conveyor as it can be hosed down or high pressure washed at the end of the day.

A project that C-Trak have just completed is for a customer that wanted and internal and external high pressure spray system fitted to the conveyor. We designed and fabricated the system to do just that.
It was manufactured in stainless steel and the conveyor was elevated with a feed hopper. the belts were blue uhmwp wear strip. It was angled at 45 degrees.

For more information please call C-Trak on 01525 850316

Grip Top Conveyor C-Trak

C-Trak has just finished fabricating a Grip Top Modular Belt Conveyor for one on our regular customers. This project was designed to transport sausage rolls on a plastic belt conveyor with a grippy top to stop any fall back.

It was custom built to provide handling around several inclines and bends. Modular Plastic Belts are ideal for this type of application.

Fabricated in Stainless Steel for optimum hygiene and wash down facility. Video will be uploaded to YouTube later this week.

But there are plenty of photos on our website.

Friday 10 June 2011

Belt Conveyor Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever wondered about the qualities and specifications of belt conveyors, not quite sure of the capabilities your not the only one that's why C-Trak have created a F.A.Q. page on its belt conveyor systems to help you along the way. Typical questions like
  • How do I stop the belts tracking off?
  • Can I get close transfer between my conveyors?
  • Do the Belts Stretch?
  • What angle can I run a belt conveyor at?
Why not take a look for the answers now on our Belt Conveyor  page

This is one of C-Trak's our typical belt conveyors.

Waste Conveyors for handling your rubbish

Worried about the climate thinking of reducing your company waste with a recycling conveyor.

Well that's great we are on your side to reduce your carbon footprint now!

The demand for us all to recycle more increases more and more each day as the pressure is put on from local authorities and the government to use waste management companies.

Let C-Trak designs and fabricate a bespoke waste conveyor systems ideally suited for your waste products.

Waste Conveyors for recycling

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Optical Lens Conveyors

Brand new product launched by C-Trak  for its Optical lens Conveyors we have been asked regularly for optical equipment so we have taken a look at our customers request into fabricating  a new line of conveyors suited for the optical equipment being used more and more in today's market.

Our Optical Conveyors have been manufactured in stainless steel with hygiene in mind using quality food belts as contamination is not acceptable withing this industry.

Offering the latest in cutting-edge specialist optical equipment to increase your productivity. Explore our range of hygienic conveyors.

Call for more advice and information on this new product line.

Covers to help prevent contamination !