Tuesday 29 March 2011

Angled Sloping Inclined Conveyors

Did you know that Elevator Conveyors were called so many names, Incline Conveyor, Inclined Conveyors, Sloping Conveyors, Angled Conveyors, Flighted Conveyors, Slanting Conveyor not surprising you get confused.

Well actually they are all the same conveyors that are angled for what ever reason for example to a mezzanine floor or to a hopper or maybe just to avoid other factory machinery on your shop floor.

C-Trak have been designing, fabricating and installing all types of sloping conveyors for over 3 decades and have a vast amount of knowledge of what type of conveyor to use for each application. Our conveyors are all custom built so they do the job that they are suppose to do making it a cost effective solution to your material handling.

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